Our Story

Mexico is known for its great diversity of excellent food across the country. Since the beginning, people from all over have migrated to Mexico City to become “Chilangos” themselves and add to the vast local food scene with their blend of ingredients, great flavors, and cooking techniques that come to life in thousands of “puestos” or street “taquerías”.

Born and raised in Mexico City, owners Ramon and Fernando grew up eating from the street taco stands. In a quest to create the best and most authentic Mexico City experience for guests in Houston, they brought the recipes and flavor profiles from their favorite taco stands, some were given, some were bought, and some were stolen. They are unapologetically bold and authentic with the freshest ingredients, which means just like in any taco stand, you won’t find a freezer, a microwave, or a can opener anywhere in sight. Staying true to their roots; if it isn’t found on the menu of a street taco stand there, you won’t find it here. At La Calle they are striving to deliver the experience of Mexico City to the world, one taco at a time.

The water bags represent transparency, honesty, protection, and cleanliness. We are transparent and honest in all we do and say and we protect our customers, partners, and brand from any risks.

The jerseys are a symbol of teamwork, passion, and motivation. Everyone is important and valuable no matter their strengths or shortcomings. We work passionately to help each other accomplish the same goals while acknowledging and motivating each other.

The flowers in the milk can represent the love with which we do all things. Just as flowers can be used in good times and bad, we learn from our mistakes and improve in the future.

The flip flops represent rest, and enjoyment alongside correction. We know rest is important to recharge our batteries in order to always enjoy our work to the fullest including serving clients, enjoying the food, and being in the restaurant.

The La Calle branded map of Mexico City is one of the prominent symbols of the restaurant. It represents the direction we should take, the goals we set for ourselves and how we are going to achieve them. It is a map of our heritage and traditions and reminds us to stay authentic to our roots and never take shortcuts.

We respect the tradition and roots of our Mexico City heritage including the telenovelas and iconic music that blares on old television sets.

The tennis shoes represent the speed of service we provide in the restaurant, always moving with a sense of urgency. Like the street, our atmosphere and menus are casual and informal. Despite the informality, we treat everyone the same no matter their status.

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, protection, and faithfulness. We are loyal and faithful to the authentic experience of the streets of Mexico City. We protect our guests, each other, and our brand at all times.