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Job Description

He/She is responsible for everything that happens in the restaurant. Leads and develops his/her team to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and obtain the results of his/her restaurant. Performs administrative activities such as inventory and food costing to maintain the profitability of the business. Follows up with shift managers to keep the operation running smoothly. Selects and hires your staff and creates positive environments in which everyone works at ease.

Descripción del trabajo

Es el responsable de todo lo que suceda en el restaurante. Lidera y desarrolla a su equipo de trabajo para cumplir y superar las expectativas de nuestros clientes y obtener los resultados de su restaurante consistentemente. Realiza actividades administrativas como inventarios y cálculo de costos de comida para mantener la rentabilidad del negocio. Da seguimiento los gerentes de turno para que la operación funcione correctamente. Selecciona y contrata a su personal y crea ambientes positivos  en el todos trabajen a gusto.

Job Description

He/She is responsible for everything that happens in the restaurant during his/her/her shift. Collaborates with his/her/her team to proudly serve our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations in both the taqueria and La Cantina. Prepares and serves the best tacos in Texas through his/her team during his/her shift. Ensures his/her team is trained throughout their workday.

Descripción del trabajo

Es el responsable de todo lo que suceda en el restaurante durante su turno. Colabora con su equipo de trabajo para servir con orgullo a nuestros clientes cumpliendo y superando sus expectativas tanto en la taquería como en La Cantina. Prepara y sirve los mejores tacos de Texas a través de su equipo durante su turno. Se asegura que su equipo sea capacitado durante su jornada laboral.

Job Description

They serve the best drinks at La Cantina and keep casual chats with customers during their stay giving an efficient and friendly service. They take care of the needs of our customers during their visit, offering drinks and food and being aware of any request. They comply with the guidelines for serving alcoholic beverages to minors.

Descripción del trabajo

Sirven las mejores bebidas en La Cantina y mantiene charlas casuales con los clientes durante su estancia dando un servicio eficiente y ameno. Se ocupa de las necesidades de nuestros clientes durante su visita, ofreciendo tragos y alimentos y estando al tanto de cualquier solicitud. Cumplen los lineamientos para el servicio de bebidas alcohólicas a menores de edad.

Job Description

In his/her hands is the preparation and serving of the best tacos in Texas, serving our customers kindly and efficiently in order to meet and exceed their expectations. He/She makes sure to maintain the best quality products in his/her work station. Keeps your area clean and sanitized to maintain food safety.

Descripción del trabajo

En sus manos se encuentra la preparación y servido de los mejores tacos de Texas, atendiendo amable y eficientemente a nuestros clientes con la finalidad de cumplir y exceder sus expectativas. Se asegura de mantener la mejor calidad de sus productos en su estación de trabajo. Mantiene su área limpieza y sanitarizada para mantener la seguridad de los alimentos

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The dog is a symbol of loyalty, protection, and faithfulness. We are loyal and faithful to the authentic experience of the streets of Mexico City. We protect our guests, each other, and our brand at all times.

The tennis shoes represent the speed of service we provide in the restaurant, always moving with a sense of urgency. Like the street, our atmosphere and menus are casual and informal. Despite the informality, we treat everyone the same no matter their status.

We respect the tradition and roots of our Mexico City heritage including the telenovelas and iconic music that blares on old television sets.

The La Calle branded map of Mexico City is one of the prominent symbols of the restaurant. It represents the direction we should take, the goals we set for ourselves and how we are going to achieve them. It is a map of our heritage and traditions and reminds us to stay authentic to our roots and never take shortcuts.

The flip flops represent rest, and enjoyment alongside correction. We know rest is important to recharge our batteries in order to always enjoy our work to the fullest including serving clients, enjoying the food, and being in the restaurant.

The flowers in the milk can represent the love with which we do all things. Just as flowers can be used in good times and bad, we learn from our mistakes and improve in the future.

The jerseys are a symbol of teamwork, passion, and motivation. Everyone is important and valuable no matter their strengths or shortcomings. We work passionately to help each other accomplish the same goals while acknowledging and motivating each other.

The water bags represent transparency, honesty, protection, and cleanliness. We are transparent and honest in all we do and say and we protect our customers, partners, and brand from any risks.